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A Little About Me

Hey, I’m Pete

Thank you so much for looking at my website.

Choosing the right photographer is a big decision. It’s often a gut feel based on personality. I want you to know that I regard your choice as a huge honour, as well as a responsibility. And I promise to live up to your expectations…and maybe even do better than that!

Meet Your Storyteller

Capturing special moments in time has always been a passion of mine. To me, it’s simply magical and more than ‘just photos’. They are memories captured - a good photo will make you smile, a great photo will fill your heart with love.

“I feel blessed every morning that I get to do a job I love that I’m good at and brings people so much joy!!”

I’m a husband to a very patient wife and father to a cheeky but amazing 6 year old girl. The fourth member of our family is a 4 year old greyhound who enjoys, cuddles, sleeping and…. well eating! 😛 I love any family time I can fit into my busy weeks whether it involves playing the endless games my daughter seems to think up, going for walks together or even just running around the garden.

Photography is a passion to me as I really do believe that photos are not just important for us now but that they are something for us and our family to enjoy for years to come. Not just as a husband and father, but as a son as well. Sadly I lost my mum to cancer when I was 11 years old and therefore treasure the few photos I have of her, especially those with both of us!

Want family photos that show the real you?

Having a 6 year old little girl, I really know how much they can change in such a short period of time. Just look through your phone snaps and you’ll see how quickly they change. That’s why I know how important these images or “moments in time” can be, especially when it comes to photos of the whole family.

So how do I get these photos that capture your family perfectly? By having fun! Whether it’s silly using voices, running around playing with the kids or making up silly word games, I’ll do whatever I need to do for a smile & to make sure everyone has fun. That’s what I do and I love doing it. I think it helps that I’m a bit of a big kid myself! You’ll frequently find me with a cuddly toy balancing on my head (usually a monkey).

What my clients thought about me

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C-H Williams

"If you want someone who will put you at ease and really wants to work with you to get exactly what you want from a photography session then Pete's your guy!"

James Wharton

"Our daughters, 6 and 3 had such an enjoyable experience. They had never met Peter before and it didn’t take them long at all before they were interacting, smiling and joking with Peter and ‘Monkey’ all around the woods."

Laura Moaby

"An absolutely amazing time had by the whole family. Pete makes everyone feel at ease and is great with children, my son still talks about Pete even though he's only met him the once but it just goes to show what a positive impression he made on him"

Award Winning Photographer

I’ve won two awards which I am really proud of.

The first is “Business Person of the Year” awarded to me by the local business club, Fairford and Lechlade Business Club. This was a wonderful award to be given as it was based on both my wonderful testimonials from past clients and how well a service I provided, but also do to the work I did for and ways in which I supported our local community. As a local business person, I do my best to support those charities and other local organisations that need help now and then.

The other award was “Family Photography of the year”, awarded to me by the Xperience Photography Group. They are a National photography group with photography studios across the UK. It was such a surprise to win when up against so many other good photographers across the country.

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