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Children’s Photography

Treat The Kids To A Fun Experience

Having a beautiful daughter of my own, I know how precious each moment is. How often has your child caught your attention, and you’ve thought …I’ll remember this time forever? 

And we do. It gets filed away in our heads and our hearts. But wouldn’t it be perfect if we had a photograph of that moment to hold in our hands?

What I can do is capture the pure essence of your child in a single shot, and the joy of handing that image to you is my favourite part of the job.

You may worry that your little one will get bored, or not enjoy themselves. But it’s my job is to make them feel at ease and I do this by making the whole experience just lots and lots of fun! I always manage to direct that magic shot without them even knowing! It will be so much fun that even the most camera-shy teenager will crack a smile.

Whatever the setting, you’ll have a gorgeous image of your child having fun – so lots of natural smiles guaranteed. Don’t worry about the teenagers either as I have lots of experience of photographing them and know how to get them on side.

But please don’t delay. These moments are gone in an instant. Let’s hold onto them.

Whatever their age, now it's time to capture your child in this moment of time

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