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Thank you for attending your photography experience and I hope you and your family had lots of fun!!! 😀

Now I’ll be going through all the images taken and pick out the awesome ones, which I sprinkle with a little bit of digital magic to make them the best they can be. I put these into a wonderful animation slideshow to music for you to enjoy at the start of your Viewing and Ordering appointment (happening virtually on zoom).

Click on the images below to download the PDF versions

I usually have a chance to talk through the various products I offer but due to Covid-19, I didn't think this would be best to do in person. So I've created a video to talk you through and show you a few things. It's a little long but please do watch it while looking through the Portrait Menu and Christmas Collections as it should help make things clearer.

Your Viewing and Ordering appointment is an opportunity for you and your loved ones to view the best images from your photography experience. And remember, this doesn’t just have to be for those who were actually at the photography experience but for anyone who would like to see the images. My role is to guide you through the products we offer and help you and your family to decide what options are best for your home and circumstances. I will have samples to show you both on my walls and on the video so I can explain the features of each.

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