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Wedding Photography

A Fun and Relaxed Wedding Experience

For some, the thought of a family portrait conjures up a rigid line-up and sitting perfectly still whilst saying “cheese”! Your experience with me couldn’t be further from the truth.
You’ll decide how you feel most comfortable, with a little direction from me. Anything goes …Dad giving piggy backs in the woods, Mum blowing bubbles at baby, your whole family falling about laughing. Come as you are, as the most important thing we want to capture is your personality.
I understand that it can be challenging getting everyone together. That’s why many of my families make the most of their time and spend the rest of the day together. It’s a great excuse to go for lunch and keep the fun going.
And what you’ll have in return is a beautiful image of your family to enjoy every day.
Don’t wait for the perfect moment. There isn’t one. Get together now and make it happen.
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