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VIP Client Spring Refresh

For your eyes only! 🤫

With the lockdown restrictions now starting to ease, I'm excited to get back out there shooting this Easter. As a valued past client, you know how much I love my job and so as the bookings start coming in from new clients, I wanted to give you a very special offer to say Thank You for being a valued client!

You would have already had a photography experience with me in the past so you know how I work and that I like to have the full hour to get to know you and your family. However as we have worked together in the past, I feel you could have a shorter photo shoot as you won't need as long to warm up to me or my silly ways 😀

What's included in this "Spring Refresh"?

  • A fun and friendly 30-minute outdoor photo shoot for up to five people from 2 households (worth £100)
  • Four high resolution, printable digital files (worth £395)
  • An online gallery featuring at least 25 images for you to choose from - no need to attend a viewing in the studio
  • An additional 20% discount on any physical product from my product menu

Only £245 (saving over 50%!!)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have been selected to receive this offer as a valued past client as a thank you for supporting my small local business in the past. After such a strange year and a half, I wanted to invite you back for some updates photos to share with friends and family you might not have seen for a while.

Also this photography experience is only 30 minutes long so less than a "full on shoot" however you will still get the same, great quality you expect - just slightly less of them to choose from. The purpose is to just some updated images of you and your loved ones in a specific location on a specific day.

These will take place in Badbury Clump which is a lovely location near Faringdon. It's looked after by the National Trust so there is a £2 charge for using the car park. It's obviously known for it's bluebells which we will shoot with if they are out but if not, the woods around are still lovely and easy to social distance from. More info here: 

Absolutely! Even before we had this Covid-19 pandemic, the safety of your family has always been important to me. With Covid-19, I have become even more careful making sure I follow all UK guidance and in some cases go that little bit further to make sure both your family and myself are safe.

I will always try to keep a 2m distance wherever possible however I will wear a mask throughout the session for your safety and mine. I did this in my outdoor Autumn shoots back in October and it still allowed me to direct people and have fun.

My wife is in the "clinically at risk" category therefore for my family’s safety as well as yours, I will do more than the guidance states. I have also already had my 1st Covid vaccine so am that little more protected too.

Although I have a wonderful purpose-built viewing room, unfortunately at the moment I am not running viewing and ordering appointments in person but instead virtually using Zoom if you request one.

Yes, yes and…. did I say yes??? I did manage to shoot in the Autumn half term with a mask on the whole time and everyone still had a good time so I know I can do this.

These are very strange times and I understand that things can change quickly from one day to the next. Should a Covid-19 incident mean that you are unable to make your appointment please be confident that you will be offered an opportunity to reschedule or get a refund if you prefer.

Being the UK, the chances of rain are always there no matter what time of year it is. But in the woods and around the bluebells we won't let a little rain get in our way! 😉 Just make sure you bring clothing appropriate for the day and if it's due to rain bring along umbrellas and coats just in case. 

Of course, if the rain is really bad or we are talking storms then we can reschedule.

As we are outdoors, you will not be required to wear a mask however I would recommend you bring one just in case it gets crowded around the bluebells as this is a public place and better to have one and not use it then forget it.

I understand that illness can happen at short notice and as a father I know how easily the little ones pick up bugs! Please just give me as much notice as possible as sometimes I can fill slots last minute from a waiting list.

As before, after we’ve had your fun photography experience I’ll be going through all the images and pick out the awesome ones, which I sprinkle with a little bit of digital magic to make them the best they can be. I will upload proofs of these into an online gallery for you to choose from.

If you want to purchase additional upgrades or products, you can also book a virtual Viewing and Ordering appointment. As with the one you had with me in person, this is a good way to talk about products and work out what you might like. Chances are I have one or two new products you haven't seen before. And remember, this doesn’t just have to be for those who were actually at the photography experience but for anyone who would like to see the images. My role is to guide you through all the products I offer and to help you and your family to decide what the best products are for your home and circumstances. I will have samples to show you both on my walls and on the video so I can explain the features of each.

Of course - there will be some great upgrade digital options once your gallery is live but of course you can just choose your included 4 digitals if you wish and have nothing else.

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